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Small Items

Our huge inventory of quality everyday small items are available all ex stock, which include bamboo skewers, patty papers, disposable gloves and aprons, filter nozzles, meat cleavers and scappers, S hooks, swivel hooks, biltong hooks, and more.


Vacuum forming bags provides barrier films for the food industry, specified for a full range of processes. They offer packaging solutions for meat and poultry products, bacon, cold meats, processed meals, sea food, cheese and dairy products.

Vacuum bags are manufactured by means of a five layer co-extrusion process and measure 70 Micron in thickness.

    • 3.5 micron Polyethylene Inside Layer
    • 4.4 micron Tie Layer
    • 13.1 micron Nylon Middle Layer
    • 4.4 micron Tie Layer
    • 13.1 micron Polyethylene Outside Layer

The two tie layers bond the Nylon with the inside and outside layers.

The inside layer (3.5 micron) is blend of Low Density Polythylene (LDPE) & Linear Low Density Polythylene (LLDPE) – guaranteeing a very good sealing effect as well as a good water barrier.

The Nylon (middle layer) guarantees a very good oxygen barrier and good resistance to perforation.