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Collagen & Other Casings

Cellulose & Collagen

As the consumption of sausages has grown, production has had to become more mechanized as animal casings can no longer meet the requirements of processors. With the advent of modern casing technology, the demand from processors was for manufactured casings. These casings can be made more uniformed in size, and less difficult to handle.

Artificial Sausage Casings

(for prolonged shelf life)

Africa Spice is the official appointed distributor of this product, produced for the first time in Africa with state of the art equipment and the latest technology. This product is printable, highly hygienic, extremely strong, and super resistant to abrasion, with high temperatures and flex crack. Shrinkage of this product is precisely controlled.
The casings provide an excellant flavour and aroma barrier, and have the approval of all national and international health authorities regarding direct food contact. The development of this product is to enhance product presentation, whilist driving down overall costs – with reduction in waste and improvement in hygiene standards.
Artifical sausage casings consist of 5 layers, biaxially oriented, triple bubble process, high oxygen and water barrier, with no wrinkles and is an excellant meat adhesion.